Optional Services

In addition to the basic core services listed at Services and Prices, AmForward.com provides additional optional services.

AmForward.com customers can requested optional services by making a selection during shipment creation, by requesting it through the shipment NOTE TO PROCESSOR during shipment submission, or by contacting customer support through the support system.

AmForward.com prices for optional services
Invoice removal $2.00/shipment
Document printing Printing of a single document up to 5 pages long: $3.75

Printing of additional pages of the same document: $0.75/page
Shipment splitting or custom repacking Regular shipment processing fees plus "Extended processing" fee if extended processing time is required to complete the task
Extended processing Extended processing is additional time required to complete shipment processing or other tasks requested by customer that extend beyond the free processing time allowance for shipment consolidation (repacking) and is billed in one minute increments at a rate of $1.00/minute.

Please note that the free consolidation/repacking is limited to a free time allowance of 1 minute of repacking time per each package included in the shipment. The free consolidation time allowance is typically sufficient for most shipments requiring a simple removal of original shipping packaging or simple non-sealed product packaging such as shoe boxes, and then repacking the items in an appropriately sized shipping box.

Any request that extends processing time of a shipment beyond the free consolidation time allowance, such as removal of sealed product packaging, individual product price tags, plastic bags from clothing, and/or packing large number of items tightly in a shipping box to maximize shipping box content, or where custom shipping box crafting and packing is required, is considered optional "extended processing" and is billed in addition to the regular fees.

The free time allowance does not apply to shipments picked up at the warehouse or shipped out using customer provided shipping labels. In these cases extended processing is billed for all processing time required for repacking or package preparation for reshipping with customer provided shipping label.
Package content photos First photo of package contents: $5.00

Additional photo of package contents for the same package: $1.00/photo

The fee includes a one-minute handling time allowance per photo to unpack and repack the contents. If photographing the contents requires additional time to unpack, repack, or otherwise handle the merchandise, the extended processing time is billed at $1.00/minute for the additional time required to complete the task.
Document scanning Scan of a single document up to 10 pages long: $6.50

Scan of additional pages of the same document: $1.00/page
Receive and distribute prepaid USPS, UPS, FedEx packages Regular shipment processing fee plus "receive and distribute" processing fee of $0.19 per pound of the total gross weight of the received shipment, plus $0.19 per each distributed piece with a minimum "receive and distribute" fee of $3.80