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... Very smooth and seamless operation. A+
- Steve, Canada, 2024-03-04
... I've been using your service for a number of years and I just want to sincerely thank you for employing great technology and being the only service of this kind that I've worked with that is honest, fairly priced and delivers. You guys are the best.
- Sheel, United States, 2024-02-01
... Thank you for being such a dependable and reliable business.
- Louis, Philippines, 2024-01-31
... Your service is exceptional and you are one of the top accurate companies I ever dealt with. Thanks so much for help and support.
- Hussam, Saudi Arabia, 2024-01-05
... Top notch mail forwading company. Superior customer service and very detailed mail forwarding system. They have come through on expediated servcies many times for me. Wouldn't use any other company.
- Kelly, Canada, 2023-12-03
... I have to say your service is awesome and I'll be recommending it to others I know.
- Doug, United States, 2023-09-21
... Best service I've ever dealed with. Support is Real Support! Thank you!
- Valerii, Canada, 2023-09-13
... They are so easy to work with. And so much freedom they provide. They have in me a customer for life.
- Nick, Canada, 2023-07-20
... I have been using Amforward service going on two years and they have been outstanding. There were times that I needed to call them to get a shipment out the same day, and the took care of me. Highly recommend.
- James, United States, 2023-06-29
... Have used this service twice so far to procure myself some goods that I cannot order here in Canada. I purchsed items with exclusive delivery to the USA and then forward them to Montreal, Canada. Both times, I have not had the necessity to communicate with the AmForward team. I simply use the interface on the website which is rather primitive but fairly easy to use. Service was right and efficient with my packages being forwarded once the following day and the other the same day as they received it (this all depends on your own rapidity to create the outgoing request). I was skeptical to use this site along with any other forwarding site as we always hear or read some horror stories but I have not had any with this company so far
- Jerome, Canada, 2023-06-22
... Your customer service has been impeccable and I found your service to be very easy to use.
- Dimitris, Canada, 2023-05-31
... Just wanted to say thank you for providing an easy to use and reliable service. A year ago, I ordered some shoes through you and now I'm back again to get my new shoes through Amforward. Part of this is because New Balance won't ship the size/width combination I need (mens size 16 with 2A width), or even sell that width in Canada, and the best advice they could provide me was "fly to the US and buy your shoes." Obviously the cost of getting a Clackamas, Oregon freight forwarder to send shoes across the border is less than a round-trip flight and probable excise tax upon return to Canada... So thank you for existing and providing me the means to wear shoes that I don't slide around in!
- Andrew, Canada, 2023-05-24
... I cannot say enough good things about the service I have received. A shipment initiated by AmForward was lost by Canada Post, AmFoward stayed on the case and ultimately got my refund.
- Doug, Canada, 2023-05-17
... I got the package. All in order. Thanks for your help and patience. Good service!
- Lukasz, Belgium, 2023-05-01
... Thanks... you guys do an excellent job each time, and I do appreciated it very much.
- Roya, United States, 2023-03-30
... If it is about freight forwarding: this company is one of the most professional I ever seen. It also helps that they negotiated an exceptionally good deal with FedEx for international shipments. If there is something extra to resolve: Kenny is very quick and sometimes answers e-mails even during weekends. I wish, I could give Kenny more, than just five stars.
- George, 2023-02-21
... I used AmForward to forward a package from a small vendor who does not ship to Canada.I was promptly notified when my package arrived at AmForward's facility, and the package was shipped the next day.Despite choosing the cheapest shipping method (USPS), my package still arrived in a timely fashion (just under two weeks).I will definitely consider AmForward for any future cross-border shipping needs.
- Trixie, Canada, 2023-02-16
... We just wanted to send a note saying Thank You for providing exceptional service. We have used lots of forwarding services and you stand above them all. You are fast and efficient - you make no mistakes and packages always feel safe with you. With other companies, packages can take days or weeks before they are registered, forwarding takes long, and packages may get lost (stolen). With you, packages get registered the same day and forwarding is always blazing fast. We really appreciate everything you do for your customers. It doesn’t go unnoticed. Thank you.
- Kelvin, Canada, 2023-01-06
... Thank you again for the awesome service and super fast response, I'll be returning and recommending your services. You guys seriously rock.
- Joshua, Canada, 2023-01-04
... Just scheduled my first shipment, thank you, everything was super easy.
- Roya, United States, 2022-12-15
... The package was registered in the AmForward system on the same day that I got a notification from the seller that it was delivered. The parcel was shipped the next day. The whole delivery process went quickly and without any troubles.
- Barbara, Canada, 2022-12-10
... I chose AmForward as they seemed to have decent reviews. My order was processed into my AmForward mailbox, with a picture of the box/shipping label, the same day it arrived at their warehouse. I created an outgoing shipment, paid the shipping+processing fee, and my order was shipped the next day. Overall, an easy experience from sign-up to shipping-out.
- Joel, Canada, 2022-10-24
... Super easy. I am from Alberta, Canada and this was my first time using a forwarding service. AmForward did not disappoint. I definitely will not hesitate to use again!
- Britney, Canada, 2022-10-18
... Had the pleasure of dealing with Kenny while setting up my shipments and returns. Stellar service my friend!!! Very helpful, detailed and prompt service. Keep up the good work, Thanks!!!
- Daniel, Canada, 2022-09-14
... I can’t believe how fast and seamlessly this works! The same day that amforward got my package they had a picture of it and had it ready to be sent to me, and it was mailed out the very next day! This is an awesome company If you’re Canadian and want to shop online with companies that won’t ship to Canada. There are quite a few other forwarding companies out there but this one is LEGIT!
- Lynsey, Canada, 2022-09-09
... The boxes have arrived already and I need to give you and your staff 5 STARS. Great job and thank you so much in simplifying and completing a difficult situation.
- Jim, Northern Mariana Islands, 2022-08-17
... Wow!! I am already truly amazed with this service. Thank you so much, I am beyond appreciative.
- Ashley, Canada, 2022-08-09
... Best shipping forwarder I've ever come across. They consistently provide quick and outstanding customer service to address my issues. I feel confident recommending them to my friends and family.
- Aaron, Canada, 2022-07-27
... Thank you so very much - I really appreciate your time, attention, and excellent service.
- Barb, Canada, 2022-07-27
... Appreciate your swift reply and look forward to using your service which came very highly recommended. Hope you are having a good day and week and thanks again for your help with my account setup Kind regards
- Ryan, United States, 2022-07-12
... Fast, convenient and reliable service, reasonable price as well!
- Siyuan, United States, 2022-06-18
... I just wanted to take a minute to say that I am very pleased with you guys service! The fees you charge are fair and there are multiple courrier I can choose from. Keep doing the good work!
- Frederic, Canada, 2022-06-06
... I have nothing but praise for this company. Not only were they extremely efficient, thorough and fast in handling my parcels, but they were exceptionally personable, friendly and responsive to all of my requests. I am very impressed with the quality of customer service provided by AmForward. Thank you so much, you guys are doing excellent job!
- Tamara, Canada, 2022-05-31
... Great service, they look after the customer well and answered all of my questions in a timely fashion. Thanks so much!
- Alex, Canada, 2022-05-25
... I have been using AmForward for the past 7 years to send me parcels from US to Rwanda and their services are top of the line. They are very responsive and keen to sort out any issue. Recently, a parcel was lost by a courier, and I was desperate. When I contacted them to step in and put in a claim, they closely followed up with the courier and after a month or so, I got the full refund for the lost item + shipping costs. On top of that, I like they support the Flat Rate shipping option, a cheaper option if you are not sending a large item.
- Baptiste, Rwanda, 2022-02-12
... I have been a client for several years now and I never had any issues so far. So thank you for your professionalism and keep up the good work!
- Pascal, Switzerland, 2022-01-21
... Still the best. Fast, efficient, great value and everything "just works". I've used other reshippers before, but never again.
- Toby, France, 2022-01-14
... The item is now in my inbox and so far your services have been superb, thanks again for your help.
- Jacqueline, United Kingdom, 2022-01-14
... Great service. Had a package sent to AMforward after a very quick and easy sign up process. Communication was great and responsive, even though I had a lot of questions. Only thing a little unclear at first was there is a fee for each package received and a fee is charged to use credit card. A photo is taken of my package when it arrived and it was very easily shipped to me via an online account. Costs were transparent and quoted in advance. My package got to me just as expected via Fedex. I will use this service again and recommend it.
- Michael, United States, 2021-07-31
... Appreciate the top notch service from you guys as always.
- Austen, United States, 2021-06-18
... Thanks for running such a great service!
- Jarrett, United States, 2021-06-18
... Nothing but good things to say about Have used them many times and each time response has been very quick, the packages have always been dropped off the same or next business day after my request! Shipping choices and rates are hard to beat! An issue with a vendor shipping the wrong item was aided and resolved by Kenny. Couldn’t be more pleased with my dealings with them! It is certainly worth your while to give them a try!
- Ivan, Canada, 2021-06-16
... Thank you so much for your help. You have always been outstanding when it comes to customer service! I have recommended many friends to use your site because of this. Please keep it up. Thank you again.
- Kian, United States, 2021-05-17
... AmForward is totally solid. Within hours or minutes of getting a delivery notification from the shipping service, AmForward lets me know there's a parcel in my inbox. A few clicks later and it's on its way to me. Never a hassle, never a problem, just solid service. Every. Single. Time. And they're the nicest people in the business. Forget the others -- this is the forwarding service you've been looking for.
- Toby, France, 2021-04-01
... Having used many freight forwarders around the world, I cannot express how incredible our experiences with AmForward have been. They are efficient, transparent and honest with the way they operate. We have not encountered any shocks when it comes to paying and every shipment has been tightly consolidated, at no sacrifice to the safety of its contents. It is a delight to deal with their customer service, as you know you're going to get a top response every time.We would not consider going anywhere else, they have been a key reason behind our businesses strong growth. We look forward to continuing our journey with AmForward by our side.
- Louis, United Kingdom, 2021-03-18
... Just had an experience where the shipping company blundered in sending my package to the wrong country and thus leading to a long delay in that it was sent back to AM Forward. AM Forward went out of their way to look into the matter and assist in resolving my issue. They also initiated re-shipping of my package at their own expense. I have always had tremendous service from AM Forward in that they always speedily respond to any queries I have had. Truly a great company focused on customer service!!
- Ivan, South Africa, 2021-03-17
... Thank you so much for your consistently awesome customer service!!! All the best
- Kevin, United States, 2021-03-05
... That was fast!! Just to let you know that package arrived here early on Monday morning NZ Time. All's good, all intact, good packing job! Thanks for your guidance and assistance! Cheers!
- Joel, New Zealand, 2021-02-28
... Thanks so very much for your help. I so appreciate All your time and support !! Thank you!!!! Kindest regards
- Tawny, Australia, 2021-01-12
... Thank you very much for your responsiveness and understanding. I must say, from my experience using different parcel forwarding companies, you are the most helpful and accommodating!
- Zoran, Slovenia, 2020-12-11
... You guys are the best! We actually have been recommending you to our families and friends.
- Camille, Guam, 2020-10-20
... Thanks so much well done. You guys are amazing. Thank you
- Matt, United Kingdom, 2020-10-15
... Thank you very much for following up this case and your support. A pleasure to do business with you. Regards
- Maximiliano, Argentina, 2020-10-10
... My shipment arrived without issue because you gave such great service.
- James, Northern Mariana Islands, 2020-08-21
... Thank you for your very good service! It was very helpful for me.
- Tjark, Germany, 2020-08-02
... Thank you so much for being an awesome shipping forwarding company, I recommend you to all my friends.
- Mohamed, United Arab Emirates, 2020-07-26
... I got the package safely today. Thank you so much for all the extra work you did. I really appreciate that!!! You are the best and the most reliable shipping company I have used. Thank you so much!!
- Vincent, United States, 2020-07-11
... Wow, awesome customer service!! Thank you for the kind & superfast update! All the best,
- Kevin, United States, 2020-06-25
... Thank you for your assistance, it was very helpful. I have completed the shipment now. Very satisfied with your service, thank you.
- Angel, Spain, 2020-06-16
... Thanks for all your work. I'm a very happy customer.
- Eric, United States, 2020-03-23
... Thanks for help :) Very much appreciated and great customer service.
- Cameron, United Kingdom, 2020-03-09
... Kenny and his AmForward team are efficient and professional. This was my first time using their service and I will definitely be using them again soon.
- Aleem, United States, 2020-03-03
... Thank you so much! You guys are so thorough!
- Vijay, United States, 2020-02-27
... This is a really pleasant company to deal with! I've used both their forwarding service and actually picked up from their warehouse in person and both experiences have been great. Very simple and easy-to-use business model.
- Mick, United States, 2020-01-10
... As 2019 comes to an end we have had 42 months of Amforward mail service. Never a worry or delay..superior service. Always accurate, the mail is always quickly dispatched and all the delivery company choices and estimate of cost is a very big plus. We highly recommend this service in Portland, Oregon. Looking forward to another year of excellent service. Happy New Year!!
- Mary and Frank, United States, 2019-12-29
... What a great service. I appreciate always your help and time.
- John, Italy, 2019-12-19
... Today, I picked my items. I was happy to see my item safety. And I appreciate that person who is working at Amforward. He is kind and friendly and gentle.
- SJ, United States, 2019-12-18
... Great service! Thanks so much!
- Xiujin, United States, 2019-12-02
... Thanks for the great service as always!
- Brandon, United States, 2019-10-21
... You guy do a great job and I appreciate the service your company provides.
- Victor, United States, 2019-10-14
... The BESTEST and most responsible shipping company I have used. I always get my packages safely and timely. They always double tape all the packages to make sure items are safely packed. They are always willing to help!! A+++++++
- Vincent, United States, 2019-10-01
... Just a very quick note to say 'thank you' -- this service is absolutely amazing. I've no idea what I'd do without it. Thank you!!
- Toby, France, 2019-07-17
... Just wanted to say how happy I am to have discovered AmForward freight forwarding service. I have just received my parcel in Australia and the whole process has been effortless and smooth and super quick. I will be using your services again for my next order. Thanks again!
- Amata, Australia, 2019-04-01
... Thank you. Appreciate your prompt and excellent service.
- Pedro, United States, 2019-02-06
... You really go above and beyond 'the call of duty'! Fabulous service, just what I've come to expect from you.
- Gordon, Canada, 2018-11-21
... Have been using Amforward for over a year now. Everything has been super smooth. Packages are usually checked in the same day. I have had packages consolidated by Amforward, or just regular re-directing packages. Everything has been super smooth.
- John, United States, 2018-10-26
... Thank you so much, I really appreciate your great service
- Esam, United States, 2018-09-24
... you deliver a first class service and your help is very much appreciated. Many thanks
- Dudley, United Kingdom, 2018-07-27
... Always a pleasure to work with AmForward!
- Kurt, Micronesia, 2018-07-24
... Many thanks for your kind assistance; it is really appreciated!
- Ivan, South Africa, 2018-07-21
... Hi Good People You are awesome! Thx for your help dividing my package into 2 different shipments. Cheers, Thx Again
- Frank, Canada, 2018-06-12
... I can't thank you enough for this service. You guys have fair prices!
- Joao, Portugal, 2018-06-05
... Excellent customer service!
- Kenneth, United States, 2018-05-03
... I do not usually write reviews but I have been using AmForward for over two years now and they have never let me down. I move from country to country on a regular basis and ever package has arrive at its destination wherever I happened to be.
- Wolfram, France, 2018-04-27
... Thank you! I'm just stunned by the high level of customer service. You guys are great.
- Larry, United States, 2018-04-03
... You guys rock!
- Clifford, United States, 2018-04-02
... Thanks again for your great support and I hope to be doing more shipments
- Steve, Canada, 2018-03-09
... Thank you for the excellent service. Very well appreciated.
- Ronald, Cyprus, 2018-03-06
... You guys are the best.
- Samir, United States, 2018-02-15
... I must say, I'm impressed by your knowledge and ability to clearly communicate the options available for the shipping of my consolidations by your company, Hats off to you, and Regards,
- Gordon, Canada, 2017-12-22
... Thanks for all the support you have provided, you have been very helpful, this is the type of customer service that i was looking for.
- Nader, Egypt, 2017-12-21
... I must say AMFORWARD support is so good, second to none.
- Jim, Northern Mariana Islands, 2017-11-13
... Thanks for the awesome service! :)
- Yi-ming, Australia, 2017-09-21
... Thanks for you efficient support.
- Marcelo, Ecuador, 2017-08-23
... Thanks for the superior customer service you have provided day and night
- Par, Canada, 2017-08-14
... Thank you for your prompt service. You guys are great.
- Joe, Canada, 2017-07-06
... Just noticed that the package was dropped off at FedEx yesterday. Thanks so much for making this work, you guys rock!
- Umberto, United States, 2017-06-21
... Just received my first package and am very pleased, thank you!
- Carl, Mexico, 2017-06-03
... Thank you for your great service.
- James, United States, 2017-05-22
... will gladly stay using AmForward for years to come as I think you guys are great.
- Joaquin, Puerto Rico, 2017-04-17
... This is the second time that I am using your service. I find your system excellent in that it can handle all the details in a very efficient manner. I should have used your services earlier. Thanks.
- Edward, Taiwan, 2017-03-09
... I received my package today, very smoothly. At first I doubt the feasibility because it sounds too good to be true. Then from the design and workflow of your website to the real services received I can say that it was one of the best experiences that I have. Thanks for the efficient work. I have highly recommended to a bunch of my friends and colleagues.
- Tao, United States, 2017-03-01
... I have just received my first parcel through you.The whole procedure and transaction though you has been flawless. The option you chose to reduce my packaging and cost was a good one and the received parcel is still more than adequately protected, saved me money and was very tidy. I certainly seem to have made the right decision with Amforward All the best
- Joey, New Zealand, 2017-02-23
... thank you again for your hard work
- Sho, Japan, 2017-02-16
... I have submitted the overnight request for my package. You guys are the best, thank you
- Kelly, United States, 2017-01-12
... Thank you so much! You're awesome!
- Zachary, United States, 2016-12-19
... You guys are great. Look forward to using you guys more!
- Harry, Canada, 2016-12-09
... Thank you for your support and help. Your help has exceeded my expectations, and I will not hesitate to use AmForward again.
- Arthur, Thailand, 2016-11-24
... Thank you for great service.
- Sebastien, France, 2016-11-18
... I just received my parcel and it was perfectly packed. Just want to say thank you for this great job !!!!!
- Andi, Germany, 2016-11-10
... my sincere thanks for all your help and advice this week. Take care and all the best.
- Balraj, United Kingdom, 2016-10-30
... Thank you so much for the great service. Since almost 2 years now, you provide an excellent service and I am a very satisfied customer.
- Hendrik, Germany, 2016-09-28
... Thanks so much for always going the extra mile
- Ari, South Africa, 2016-09-11
... I must say that I am very pleased with your excellent service!
- Marianne, Sweden, 2016-07-22
... Thanks for all your effort, you have gone far and beyond my expectations... Much appreciated.
- Daniel, Australia, 2016-07-14
... I recived the package. Thank you very much for your service, I am very satisfied.
- Doriano, Albania, 2016-07-14
... all my shipments have arrived in great condition, professionally packed and taken care of. Thank you!
- George, United States, 2016-07-07
... I received my package in perfect condition, fast and without problems. I am very happy with your service, I will certainly use it again in the future. Thank you very much for the great work!
- Ziortza, Spain, 2016-05-21
... You are the best! Thank you!
- John, Chile, 2016-05-11
... I enjoy using your services.
- Angel, Canada, 2016-05-04
... We ship a lot to international customers and often get asked about services like yours. After my interaction with you today, we will never recommend any other service than yours. We will encourage any of our customers to use AmForward. It was refreshing to deal with you today.
- Greg, United States, 2016-04-04
... Thank you for providing great service. Happy Friday and have a nice weekend!
- Theresia, United States, 2016-03-18
... Thank you very much for your very efficient service.
- Madalitso, Malawi, 2016-03-17
... You guys always have the best referral from me to anybody who will listen.
- Petr, United States, 2016-02-24
... Your customer service is excellent. Really happy already with this company.
- William, United States, 2016-02-22
... thanks again for quick response and great service!
- Craig, United Kingdom, 2016-02-12
... Thank you very much for your excellent service.
- Rosa, Argentina, 2016-01-21
... Thank you for the professional, prompt service.
- Jim, United States, 2016-01-19
... Thank you very much for your great service! Have a Happy New Year!
- Jonathan, Israel, 2015-12-31
... Thank you for your efficiency and kindness
- Diana, Argentina, 2015-11-11
... I just wanted to take a minute to thank you for your outstanding service. The recent shipment just arrived today and I am a very satisfied customer of yours.
- Hendrik, Germany, 2015-10-21
... I received my shipment promptly and in great condition. Thank you all.
- Charalampos, Greece, 2015-10-14
... Thanks, you are the best :-) Thank you so much!
- Markus, France, 2015-10-09
... I really appreciate the help and service you guys provided ... I will be happy to provide a positive recommendation if you ask me to do so.
- Prashant, United States, 2015-10-06
... Hello nice people at AmForward, After almost 3 years using AmForward for receiving goods, mostly from the USA, but also from England, Japan and Australia, and after dozens of shipments to my country, I would like to thank you all for affordable, precise, quick and courteous services. Not a single problem to date! Best wishes to all,
- Ricardo, Brazil, 2015-09-11
... I am very grateful for your help. Soon there will be 3 years as I work with you.
- Sergei, Russia, 2015-08-12
... Hello friends. I would like to thank you guys for servicing me the past two years. Your service is second to none
- Gabe, Israel, 2015-08-10
... I want to tell you that I feel really happy and satisfied with your services. I will continue using them for long.
- Cristobal, Spain, 2015-07-23
... Thanks for your great service thus far.
- Chiho, Japan, 2015-07-14
... Great Service!! Thank you :-)
- Evangelos, Greece, 2015-07-13
... Thank you very much for your work.
- Martin, Czech Republic, 2015-06-10
... You complete everything with your great service. I look forward to a long and profitable relationship! All the best
- John, Chile, 2015-05-21
... Thanks for the excellent follow up... Once again thanks for the great service. All the best
- Justin, United Kingdom, 2015-05-20
... Just want to say thank you for your assistance. Much appreciated!! Have a lovely day.
- Ruan, South Africa, 2015-05-19
... Many thanks for your excellent service so far.
- Nora, Ireland, 2015-02-04
... Thank you for your service.
- Richard, Spain, 2015-01-12
... Thank you very much for helping me receive this item.. I'm very grateful.
- Chris, Australia, 2015-01-08
... Thanks for all your effort.
- Chern Hua, Singapore, 2015-01-07
... Package was received yesterday. Thank you for turning it around so quickly. Have a nice weekend.
- Theresia, United States, 2014-11-22
... Received my package today, all the way to South Africa. Just want to thank you guys for the excellent service. Will definitely use you guys again. Thank you.
- Ruan, South Africa, 2014-08-05
... I LOVE using your service. Thank you so much for your time and consideration.
- David, United States, 2014-07-28
... Just wanted to say thanks, first order came today. Great service. Regards.
- Justin, United Kingdom, 2014-07-09
... I love how automated your system is.
- Andrew, Barbados, 2014-07-01
... Many thanks for your excellent service.
- Ali, Oman, 2014-03-20
... Your help has been awesome. Best regards.
- Alfredo, Ecuador, 2014-03-11
... I really appreciate all you do for your customers! You are the best!!
- Gonzalo, Argentina, 2014-03-04
... Thanks for fast response!
- Ricardo, Brazil, 2013-12-23
... Thank you for your help. Happy Holidays
- Ken, Canada, 2013-12-17
... I've got to say how refreshing it is to get a personal reply. I'm a long-standing customer of one of your competitors. When I ask a question, all too often, I get an infuriating standard reply. The feeling that you are connecting with a person rather than a robot when you have an issue is invaluable. Also your verification process was very quick, easy and efficient, in stark contrast to what I have experienced previously. Thanks
- Steve, United Kingdom, 2013-11-07
... I would like to thank for the perfect packing on my last shipment. Compliment to the "packing artist" :)
- Liliane, Switzerland, 2013-09-16
... I have recieved my package. Thank you very much for your help. Best Regards.
- Dmitriy, Russia, 2013-08-30
... Thank you for your assistance. Today I received my package. Best regards.
- Gulnur, Kazakhstan, 2013-08-16
... Thank you so much for your prompt and very clear answer to my query. I'm impressed.
- Irene, Argentina, 2013-07-30
... Hi there, thank you very much. Always good support.
- Michael, Germany, 2013-07-25
... Exellent service as always. Thank you very much!
- Gonzalo, Argentina, 2013-06-13
... Thank you very much! Please accept my heartfelt thanks for your prompt response and efficient service! You are very considerate to provide extra and clear information! I'm impressed for your high standard of service!
- Yat Ying, Hong Kong, 2013-06-07
... Thank you for being so attentive and respectful to my needs and pro-active. Have a nice day, kindest regards from Moscow
- Yulia, Russia, 2013-06-05
... I would just like to let you know what a great service AmForward provides. Professional and quickly expedited. Web site is clear, easy to navigate and intuitive. Everything works as it should. I will definitely be using your services again. Many thanks
- Colin, Denmark, 2013-06-03
... Thank you for let me know that everything is ok now, you have a great customer service.
- Arturo, Mexico, 2013-05-31
... I'm happy with your excelent job. Thanks!
- Diego, Brazil, 2013-05-21
... Thank you very much for your assistance to claim for me. Really appreciate your effort and enjoy using your service. Best regards,
- Arnold, Hong Kong, 2013-05-16
... Really I am very happy with my first experience with your company. For sure I will be using your company for my shipments from the USA. With your services, from the begining to the end of the shipment process, there is nothing to complain for. Thanks a lot.
- Simon, Democratic Republic of the Congo, 2013-05-15
... Just checked the tracking number of my latest forwarded package and its out for delivery. You guys are the best company I've ever dealt with. Totally helped me and my business with all the constant moving around we do.
- Anthony, United States, 2013-05-13
... I enjoy using AmForward service, your website is super easy to use
- Binh, United States, 2013-04-27
... Thanks for your great support.
- Michael, Germany, 2013-04-13
... Greetings! I must say I am really enjoying your service.
- Emmett, Taiwan, 2013-04-02
... Thank you very much for the photos! Thank you very much for being my "distant eyes"! Now I'm sure that all the shoes are the right size & color! Thank you for your efforts! - this is so much helpful! Kindest regards from Moscow.
- Yulia, Russia, 2013-04-02
... Thanks for getting in touch. I know shipping packages by First-Class International Mail Service may be quite risky, but it is the only way for me to receive them without paying any customs fee. Ive been receiving stuff from the US since two years and never had any lost item. Hope to continue this way. Thanks for your advice and I want to take the time to congratulate you for the efficient service you offer every day.
- Gonzalo, Argentina, 2013-03-29
... Thanks a lot, you guys are the best. So easy for me to get stuffs now in the US that don't have options to deliver internationally. Was so scared but i have received my 1st shipment and everything was on time. Looking forward to more shipments with you guys. Thanks a lot.
- Siya, Ukraine, 2013-03-27
... Thank you so much! The goods are on its way now. This is my first shipment, and was a little worried at first. I can breath a little easier now. Will definitely use again.
- Ly, Australia, 2013-03-04
... Got the item, today. Thanks, great job, and kudos to you. I'll be sure to use your service again in the future. Sincerest regards
- Roy, United States, 2013-02-18
... According to your advice, I talked with the seller and found out that they did not include this item in the package, because it no longer available. Thanks for the quick response, I liked your customer service.
- Julia, Russia, 2013-02-16
... I just transfered money and paid. Please ship it as soon as possible. Thank you! You are great as always!
- Dragana, Bosnia and Herzegovina, 2013-02-07
... Thank you! Pleasure to work with you!
- Aleksandr, Russia, 2013-01-24
... I got it today! Everything is OK. Very satisfied. Thank you, Regards
- Rafael, Bulgaria, 2013-01-14
... Thank you sooo much for your help and I really appreciate the service you provided. My parcel is well received as well as the refund
- Caroline, Hong Kong, 2013-01-07
... Great! Thank you so much! I really appreciate it, looking forward to working with you guys again! :)
- Hui Min, Hong Kong, 2013-01-01
... Thank you so much for patiently answering my questions. You're really helpful!
- Hui Min, Hong Kong, 2012-12-27
... Thank you, Merry Christmas! you're the best company in America! Congratulations! We will continue to work =)
- Alex, Russia, 2012-12-26
... Thanks so much for looking into the envelope for the card. Really appreciated. Everything just perfect.
- Liliane, Switzerland, 2012-12-20
... Thank you one more time. You are great. Far better than my previous forwarding company.
- Dragana, Bosnia and Herzegovina, 2012-11-30
... Thanks so much for the excellent service at AmForward. Love it!
- Liliane, Switzerland, 2012-11-19
... I m surprised. Really Thank You. Fantastic service. Thank you really!
- Diego, Brazil, 2012-11-06
... Thank you very much for your help. I am looking forward to your company's services.
- Michal, Slovakia, 2012-11-06

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